The Slaughters of Culpeper is an article I wrote in 1991. My Slaughters and the Slaughters of Culpeper County, VA are unrelated, so I compiled the article as a means of sorting out people I found in my research. I began my research into the Slaughters of Culpeper in 1971 or 1972 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I had begun my research on my Slaughter family back in 1966. This article has not been edited since 1991, except to change the fonts and indents so it could be converted from ASCII text to PDF and look nicer. At some point in the future, after further research, I will post an updated version.

Emily Deschanel and Her Perquimans County, NC Ancestry

Enos Bradsher “Country” Slaughter

Tom Slaughter, Bank Robber and Killer

Madge Bellamy, Early Star of Stage and Screen

Duncan Hines and His Duncan Ancestry.


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