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York, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.2236, Longitude: -76.4392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Abt 1718York, Virginia, USA I36972
2 Albrighton, Joyce  Abt 1655York, Virginia, USA I29855
3 Albritton, Edward  17 Dec 1686York, Virginia, USA I29880
4 Albritton, John  2 Sep 1688York, Virginia, USA I29907
5 Albritton, Ralphe  Abt 1656York, Virginia, USA I29936
6 Bennett, Diannah  Abt 1684York, Virginia, USA I23346
7 Berrye, Joan  Abt 1605York, Virginia, USA I23350
8 Butts, Mary  4 Sep 1684York, Virginia, USA I30947
9 Chandler, Robert  30 Apr 1659York, Virginia, USA I28052
10 Chappell, Richard  18 Jun 1693York, Virginia, USA I24572
11 Colthorpe, John  1714York, Virginia, USA I31353
12 Cooper, Isles  Abt 1696York, Virginia, USA I20012
13 Gooch, William  1663York, Virginia, USA I2900
14 Groves, Mary  Abt 1660York, Virginia, USA I2080
15 Haley, Edward  1675York, Virginia, USA I8942
16 Hanford, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1617York, Virginia, USA I24722
17 Hanford, Elizabeth Reade  1626York, Virginia, USA I33144
18 Hatcher, Sarah  Abt 1674York, Virginia, USA I40256
19 Hatsell, William  Abt 1700York, Virginia, USA I40495
20 Heyward, William  2 Feb 1658York, Virginia, USA I2079
21 Hillsman, Dianah  Abt 1713York, Virginia, USA I39033
22 Hillsman, Elizabeth  Abt 1705York, Virginia, USA I2076
23 Hillsman, William  Abt 1662York, Virginia, USA I23345
24 Hilsman, John A.  Abt 1640York, Virginia, USA I23347
25 Hilsman, William  Abt 1600York, Virginia, USA I23349
26 Howard, Elizabeth  3 Dec 1736York, Virginia, USA I39029
27 Howard, Francis  15 Jan 1707York, Virginia, USA I39032
28 Hunt, William  Abt 1670York, Virginia, USA I24719
29 Isles, Elizabeth  Abt 1669York, Virginia, USA I20014
30 Isles, Thomas  Abt 1645York, Virginia, USA I20015
31 Lockey, Edward  1624York, Virginia, USA I34756
32 McClure, Margaret Maye  Abt 1655York, Virginia, USA I29153
33 Miller, James  Abt 1610York, Virginia, USA I27185
34 Mills, John  1648York, Virginia, USA I35752
35 Pate, Thoroughgood  Abt 1649York, Virginia, USA I27268
36 Rookesby, Mary  Abt 1645York, Virginia, USA I36831
37 Stafford, John  Abt 1664York, Virginia, USA I2769
38 Stafford, John  1664York, Virginia, USA I37436
39 Stafford, John  1695York, Virginia, USA I37437
40 Stafford, William  Abt 1693York, Virginia, USA I2772
41 Wade, Andrew  Abt 1700York, Virginia, USA I20771
42 Wooten, Mary  1660York, Virginia, USA I38504
43 Wyatt, Ann  1677York, Virginia, USA I38520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anne  9 Dec 1677York, Virginia, USA I30017
2 Albrighton, George Joseph  1670York, Virginia, USA I29852
3 Albritton, Benjamin  29 Aug 1702York, Virginia, USA I29870
4 Albritton, Edward  25 Aug 1689York, Virginia, USA I29880
5 Albritton, John  25 Aug 1689York, Virginia, USA I29907
6 Albritton, Ralphe  21 Jan 1700York, Virginia, USA I29936
7 Baldock, Theodocia  1667York, Virginia, USA I19575
8 Baynham, Susannah R.  1726York, Virginia, USA I30338
9 Bennett, Diannah  1720York, Virginia, USA I23346
10 Benton, John  1653York, Virginia, USA I27310
11 Booker, Edward  1620York, Virginia, USA I21315
12 Butts, Anthony  1 Nov 1687York, Virginia, USA I30945
13 Calthorpe, Barbara  22 Dec 1711York, Virginia, USA I30984
14 Clarke, Margaret  24 Jun 1661York, Virginia, USA I2086
15 Glover, Sarah  2 Sep 1646York, Virginia, USA I21316
16 Gooch, Henry  Jan 1677York, Virginia, USA I2902
17 Groves, Mary  1687York, Virginia, USA I2080
18 Groves, Richard  1685York, Virginia, USA I40317
19 Haley, John  1701York, Virginia, USA I8944
20 Hanford, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1676York, Virginia, USA I24722
21 Hanford, Elizabeth Reade  24 Dec 1675York, Virginia, USA I33144
22 Harrison, Ann  1618York, Virginia, USA I33244
23 Hatcher, Sarah  1756York, Virginia, USA I40256
24 Heyward, John  8 Feb 1661York, Virginia, USA I2085
25 Heyward, William  16 Dec 1719York, Virginia, USA I2079
26 Hill, Thomas  1657York, Virginia, USA I24621
27 Hillsman, Elizabeth  7 Jan 1735York, Virginia, USA I2076
28 Hillsman, William  11 Nov 1726York, Virginia, USA I23345
29 Hilsman, John A.  7 Mar 1704York, Virginia, USA I23347
30 Hilsman, William  1660York, Virginia, USA I23349
31 Isles, Elizabeth  1695York, Virginia, USA I20014
32 Isles, Thomas  1690York, Virginia, USA I20015
33 Kinney, Milicent Goodwin  1676York, Virginia, USA I2903
34 Lane, Anne  1688York, Virginia, USA I34463
35 Lockey, Edward  15 Jun 1667York, Virginia, USA I34756
36 Miller, James  1657York, Virginia, USA I27185
37 Piersey, Mary  1661York, Virginia, USA I24622
38 Reading, Joane  4 Oct 1658York, Virginia, USA I27311
39 Rookesby, Anthony  1649York, Virginia, USA I36830
40 Rookesby, Mary  York, Virginia, USA I36831
41 Sebrell, Anthony  1714York, Virginia, USA I19572
42 Sebrell, Nicholas  1693York, Virginia, USA I19574
43 Wardley, Elizabeth  1680York, Virginia, USA I20016
44 Wardley, Thomas  1680York, Virginia, USA I20023
45 Wooten, Mary  1695York, Virginia, USA I38504
46 Wyatt, George  15 Jan 1671York, Virginia, USA I38522


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albrighton /   1654York, Virginia, USA F13974
2 Albritton /   Abt 1697York, Virginia, USA F13983
3 Albritton / Wooten  1680York, Virginia, USA F13990
4 Gooch / Kinney  1661York, Virginia, USA F2231
5 Jones / Lane  1682York, Virginia, USA F16025
6 Lockey / Hanford  1661York, Virginia, USA F15722

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