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Henrico, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.5508, Longitude: -77.4042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy  Abt 1656Henrico, Virginia, USA I40560
2 Allen, Ann  19 Jan 1715Henrico, Virginia, USA I24712
3 Allen, Valentine  29 Apr 1730Henrico, Virginia, USA I24316
4 Amonette, Judith  20 Sep 1730Henrico, Virginia, USA I42599
5 Baker, Ann  Abt 1690Henrico, Virginia, USA I30132
6 Bass, Hester  Abt 1657Henrico, Virginia, USA I23585
7 Batte, Mary  Abt 1668Henrico, Virginia, USA I18216
8 Baugh, Rebecca  Abt 1664Henrico, Virginia, USA I10424
9 Baugh, William Sr.  Abt 1602Henrico, Virginia, USA I40128
10 Bray, Angelica  Abt 1695Henrico, Virginia, USA I15981
11 Broadnax, Mary  9 Apr 1620Henrico, Virginia, USA I30662
12 Browne, Sarah  1655Henrico, Virginia, USA I30793
13 Burton, Ann  Abt 1675Henrico, Virginia, USA I22941
14 Burton, Ann  1675Henrico, Virginia, USA I30916
15 Burton, John  Abt 1625Henrico, Virginia, USA I21311
16 Burton, Thomas  1634Henrico, Virginia, USA I30931
17 Chamberlayne, Dorothy  Abt 1710Henrico, Virginia, USA I18214
18 Chandler, Joel  Abt 1734Henrico, Virginia, USA I28045
19 Christian, Katherine  Abt 1606Henrico, Virginia, USA I21318
20 Cocke, Sarah  Abt 1696Henrico, Virginia, USA I29787
21 Cox, Bartholomew  Abt 1665Henrico, Virginia, USA I10423
22 Cox, Elizabeth  1622Henrico, Virginia, USA I31474
23 Cox, Henry  Abt 1705Henrico, Virginia, USA I28763
24 Cox, James  Abt 1674Henrico, Virginia, USA I27405
25 Cox, John  1620Henrico, Virginia, USA I31476
26 Cox, John  27 Mar 1703Henrico, Virginia, USA I10394
27 Cox, Richard  10 Dec 1639Henrico, Virginia, USA I27411
28 Cox, Richard  Abt 1678Henrico, Virginia, USA I28765
29 Craddock, Elizabeth  Abt 1640Henrico, Virginia, USA I25587
30 Cruse, Margaret  Abt 1616Henrico, Virginia, USA I24224
31 Elam, Gilbert  1659Henrico, Virginia, USA I32363
32 Elam, Mary  Abt 1645Henrico, Virginia, USA I28767
33 Elam, May  1625Henrico, Virginia, USA I32364
34 Eppes, Miriam Ann  Abt 1741Henrico, Virginia, USA I32457
35 Farley, John Francis  6 Apr 1670Henrico, Virginia, USA I43506
36 Farley, Sarah  1711Henrico, Virginia, USA I43502
37 Farmer, John  Abt 1686Henrico, Virginia, USA I19484
38 Farmer, Phoebe  Abt 1709Henrico, Virginia, USA I2783
39 Farrar, Cecily  Abt 1610Henrico, Virginia, USA I21320
40 Farrar, George  Abt 1692Henrico, Virginia, USA I39030
41 Farrar, Thomas Jefferson  10 Aug 1726Henrico, Virginia, USA I39028
42 Faure, Pierre  Abt 1716Henrico, Virginia, USA I29790
43 Faure, Pierre  28 Oct 1745Henrico, Virginia, USA I29784
44 Ferris, Sarah Elizabeth  8 May 1634Henrico, Virginia, USA I40650
45 Field, Mary  3 Feb 1679Henrico, Virginia, USA I32558
46 Flournoy, Matthew  21 Jun 1730Henrico, Virginia, USA I32645
47 George, Ann  Abt 1631Henrico, Virginia, USA I23587
48 Glover, Thomas  24 Mar 1685Henrico, Virginia, USA I21300
49 Greenhaugh, Elizabeth  Abt 1650Henrico, Virginia, USA I42894
50 Hartwell, Elizabeth  Abt 1643Henrico, Virginia, USA I27412

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amy  1745Henrico, Virginia, USA I40560
2 Ann  1708Henrico, Virginia, USA I24944
3 Katherine  29 Nov 1638Henrico, Virginia, USA I21823
4 Allen, Robert Sr.  4 Oct 1756Henrico, Virginia, USA I2081
5 Banks, Katherine  10 Oct 1686Henrico, Virginia, USA I30154
6 Bass, Hester  1700Henrico, Virginia, USA I23585
7 Batte, Thomas  1698Henrico, Virginia, USA I24927
8 Batton, Sarah  1695Henrico, Virginia, USA I23589
9 Bolling, Jane  4 Mar 1766Henrico, Virginia, USA I42619
10 Bolling, John  20 Apr 1729Henrico, Virginia, USA I24306
11 Bolling, Lucy Cocke  Henrico, Virginia, USA I30509
12 Botts, Thomas II  1677Henrico, Virginia, USA I40559
13 Bradley, John  1715Henrico, Virginia, USA I40041
14 Broadnax, Thomas  1658Henrico, Virginia, USA I30664
15 Browne, Anne  1765Henrico, Virginia, USA I30792
16 Browne, Sarah  1 Dec 1696Henrico, Virginia, USA I30793
17 Burton, Ann  1736Henrico, Virginia, USA I30916
18 Burton, John  1674Henrico, Virginia, USA I29695
19 Burton, Mary Ann  1697Henrico, Virginia, USA I21308
20 Burton, Richard  10 Nov 1660Henrico, Virginia, USA I21317
21 Burton, Thomas  1 Apr 1686Henrico, Virginia, USA I30931
22 Cheatham, Susannah  1754Henrico, Virginia, USA I19485
23 Cheatham, Thomas  1 Aug 1726Henrico, Virginia, USA I29152
24 Christian, Katherine  1646Henrico, Virginia, USA I21318
25 Chute, Elizabeth  Henrico, Virginia, USA I31258
26 Cocke, Sarah  20 Jan 1745Henrico, Virginia, USA I29787
27 Cox, Elizabeth  Henrico, Virginia, USA I31474
28 Cox, John  19 Feb 1691Henrico, Virginia, USA I31477
29 Cox, John  19 Feb 1691Henrico, Virginia, USA I10425
30 Cox, John  1 Feb 1697Henrico, Virginia, USA I31476
31 Cox, Richard  20 Nov 1706Henrico, Virginia, USA I27411
32 Cox, Richard  3 Feb 1734Henrico, Virginia, USA I28765
33 Cox, William  14 Dec 1656Henrico, Virginia, USA I31479
34 Cox, William  1711Henrico, Virginia, USA I29786
35 Craddock, Elizabeth  Bef 1682Henrico, Virginia, USA I25587
36 Cruce, James  Bef 1653Henrico, Virginia, USA I10502
37 Elam, Gilbert  15 Oct 1697Henrico, Virginia, USA I32363
38 Elam, Mary  1679Henrico, Virginia, USA I28767
39 Elam, May  1 Apr 1689Henrico, Virginia, USA I32364
40 Eppes, Elizabeth  Apr 1777Henrico, Virginia, USA I32453
41 Eppes, Francis  Jan 1718Henrico, Virginia, USA I32454
42 Eyraud, Julia  16 Aug 1756Henrico, Virginia, USA I32492
43 Farley, Mary  1645Henrico, Virginia, USA I10431
44 Farmer, Henry  1734Henrico, Virginia, USA I23584
45 Farrar, William  11 Feb 1678Henrico, Virginia, USA I40118
46 Ferris, Sarah Elizabeth  1689Henrico, Virginia, USA I40650
47 Field, Mary  13 Aug 1715Henrico, Virginia, USA I32558
48 Flournoy, Jean Jacques  23 Mar 1740Henrico, Virginia, USA I32642
49 Glover, William  1713Henrico, Virginia, USA I21307
50 Greenhaugh, Elizabeth  5 May 1740Henrico, Virginia, USA I42894

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hatcher, William  1 Apr 1680Henrico, Virginia, USA I33264


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Broadnax / Taylor  4 Oct 1598Henrico, Virginia, USA F14485
2 Burton / Hatcher  1663Henrico, Virginia, USA F14591
3 Cooke / Hutchins  1639Henrico, Virginia, USA F14824
4 Cox / Hutchins  1633Henrico, Virginia, USA F14843
5 Hamlin / Elam  Henrico, Virginia, USA F15317
6 Hatcher / Ward  1658Henrico, Virginia, USA F15757
7 Hutchins / Cox  1731Henrico, Virginia, USA F14844
8 Jones / Wood  1 Jun 1655Henrico, Virginia, USA F2162
9 Knibb / Browne  1681Henrico, Virginia, USA F14535
10 Knowles / Broadnax  1639Henrico, Virginia, USA F14486
11 Parrott / Matthis   F13695
12 Ward / Goode  1615Henrico, Virginia, USA F15596
13 Ward / Smith  1639Henrico, Virginia, USA F16820

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