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Surry, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.1198, Longitude: -76.8905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  Abt 1643Surry, Virginia, USA I15015
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1675Surry, Virginia, USA I3567
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1680Surry, Virginia, USA I24575
4 Grace  Abt 1665Surry, Virginia, USA I41589
5 Mary  Abt 1709Surry, Virginia, USA I22935
6 Barham, Charles  Abt 1706Surry, Virginia, USA I26712
7 Barham, Robert  Abt 1678Surry, Virginia, USA I26714
8 Barker, Sarah  Abt 1684Surry, Virginia, USA I22456
9 Bavin, Elizabeth  Abt 1637Surry, Virginia, USA I21797
10 Bond, Samuel  Abt 1677Surry, Virginia, USA I24574
11 Carter, Mary  Abt 1626Surry, Virginia, USA I28511
12 Clarke, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Surry, Virginia, USA I26715
13 Corbett, Mary  Abt 1699Surry, Virginia, USA I41267
14 Davis, Thomas  Abt 1658Surry, Virginia, USA I18655
15 Dowell, Thomas  Abt 1705Surry, Virginia, USA I42512
16 Drew, Letitia  Abt 1630Surry, Virginia, USA I22460
17 Drue, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1678Surry, Virginia, USA I22926
18 Farmer, Isaac  Abt 1711Surry, Virginia, USA I39607
19 Flood, Mary  Abt 1636Surry, Virginia, USA I21804
20 Freeman, Ann  Abt 1665Surry, Virginia, USA I40026
21 Gregory, Alice  1625Surry, Virginia, USA I32971
22 Grey, Rebeckah  Abt 1638Surry, Virginia, USA I21153
23 Harris, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Surry, Virginia, USA I39774
24 Harrison, William  8 Aug 1677Surry, Virginia, USA I42538
25 Hill, Sion  Abt 1682Surry, Virginia, USA I33475
26 Hix, Richard  Abt 1707Surry, Virginia, USA I22934
27 Holt, Martha  Abt 1686Surry, Virginia, USA I26717
28 Holt, Randall  Abt 1629Surry, Virginia, USA I24721
29 Honeycutt, Jesse  Abt 1735Surry, Virginia, USA I19669
30 Hunnicutt, John  Abt 1652Surry, Virginia, USA I19719
31 Hunnicutt, Katherine  Abt 1667Surry, Virginia, USA I28509
32 Hunnicutt, Robert  Abt 1675Surry, Virginia, USA I15672
33 Hunnicutt, William  Abt 1700Surry, Virginia, USA I19717
34 Hurdle, Martin  Abt 1706Surry, Virginia, USA I3559
35 Jennings, Joanna  Abt 1650Surry, Virginia, USA I18456
36 Jones, Elizabeth  Abt 1665Surry, Virginia, USA I33906
37 Jordan, Elizabeth  Abt 1662Surry, Virginia, USA I21795
38 Judkins, John  Abt 1686Surry, Virginia, USA I26716
39 Kindred, John  22 Oct 1662Surry, Virginia, USA I28508
40 Lancaster, Benjamin A.  Abt 1737Surry, Virginia, USA I39765
41 Lancaster, Samuel  Abt 1671Surry, Virginia, USA I39773
42 Lancaster, Samuel Robert  Abt 1715Surry, Virginia, USA I39769
43 Lanier, Elizabeth  Abt 1709Surry, Virginia, USA I34479
44 Lucas, Elizabeth  Abt 1665Surry, Virginia, USA I34870
45 Madison, Mary  1655Surry, Virginia, USA I34909
46 Mangum, Arthur Sr.  22 May 1741Surry, Virginia, USA I38962
47 Mangum, John Jr.  Abt 1671Surry, Virginia, USA I38972
48 Mangum, Mary Agnes  Abt 1712Surry, Virginia, USA I41486
49 Mangum, William  Abt 1706Surry, Virginia, USA I38966
50 Mangum, William Person  Abt 1762Surry, Virginia, USA I41224

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anne  21 May 1702Surry, Virginia, USA I15015
2 Elizabeth  Surry, Virginia, USA I22939
3 Barham, Charles  9 Jun 1791Surry, Virginia, USA I26712
4 Barker, John  9 Oct 1713Surry, Virginia, USA I22457
5 Bavin, Elizabeth  Bef 21 May 1735Surry, Virginia, USA I21797
6 Bell, Joseph  1733Surry, Virginia, USA I41266
7 Bennett, Elizabeth Sarah  29 Jan 1723Surry, Virginia, USA I39776
8 Bennett, Richard  12 Apr 1675Surry, Virginia, USA I39779
9 Benton, Elizabeth  1675Surry, Virginia, USA I27309
10 Bevin, Richard  Abt 1 Apr 1650Surry, Virginia, USA I21800
11 Bird, Thomas  5 Jan 1687Surry, Virginia, USA I30474
12 Briggs, Elizabeth Howell  26 Sep 1744Surry, Virginia, USA I30642
13 Briggs, Henry  25 Oct 1739Surry, Virginia, USA I30643
14 Carter, Mary  16 Jul 1718Surry, Virginia, USA I28511
15 Carter, William  1655Surry, Virginia, USA I28512
16 Cooke, John  20 Jun 1711Surry, Virginia, USA I31432
17 Cooke, William  10 Nov 1679Surry, Virginia, USA I31444
18 Cooke, William  17 Nov 1740Surry, Virginia, USA I31445
19 Corker, William  4 Sep 1677Surry, Virginia, USA I27281
20 Croxton, Alice  1670Surry, Virginia, USA I28513
21 Davis, Thomas  21 Dec 1720Surry, Virginia, USA I18655
22 Denias, Christiana  Surry, Virginia, USA I24256
23 Drew, Letitia  9 Jan 1671Surry, Virginia, USA I22460
24 Flood, Mary  Abt 1678Surry, Virginia, USA I21804
25 Grendon, Edward  9 Dec 1628Surry, Virginia, USA I32972
26 Grey, Rebeckah  1706Surry, Virginia, USA I21153
27 Hamlin, Stephen  23 Aug 1665Surry, Virginia, USA I33112
28 Harrison, William  30 Nov 1727Surry, Virginia, USA I42538
29 Hicks, John  30 Sep 1728Surry, Virginia, USA I21152
30 Hicks, John  20 Aug 1729Surry, Virginia, USA I21159
31 Hix, John  1722Surry, Virginia, USA I24255
32 Hix, William  1711Surry, Virginia, USA I22938
33 Holt, Martha  1772Surry, Virginia, USA I26717
34 Holt, Randall  1 Aug 1636Surry, Virginia, USA I24730
35 Holt, Randall  26 Sep 1679Surry, Virginia, USA I24721
36 Huncote, William  24 Jul 1645Surry, Virginia, USA I28520
37 Hunnicutt, Augustine  30 May 1682Surry, Virginia, USA I28510
38 Hunnicutt, John  7 Apr 1699Surry, Virginia, USA I19719
39 Hunnicutt, Katherine  1735Surry, Virginia, USA I28509
40 Hunnicutt, William  Surry, Virginia, USA I19721
41 Hurdle, William  16 Aug 1727Surry, Virginia, USA I3561
42 Jennings, Joanna  1694Surry, Virginia, USA I18456
43 Jones, Elizabeth  1739Surry, Virginia, USA I33906
44 Jordan, Arthur  Abt 1650Surry, Virginia, USA I21798
45 Jordan, Elizabeth  Bef 21 May 1735Surry, Virginia, USA I21795
46 Judkins, Sarah  17 Jan 1762Surry, Virginia, USA I26713
47 Katherine  Abt 1694Surry, Virginia, USA I15017
48 Kindred, John  Jun 1703Surry, Virginia, USA I28508
49 King, Jane Allen  1721Surry, Virginia, USA I19620
50 Lancaster, Samuel  1761Surry, Virginia, USA I39773

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Sampson  1675Surry, Virginia, USA F14746
2 Lanier / Byrd  1705Surry, Virginia, USA F14614
3 Morse / Rochester  1767Surry, Virginia, USA F17744

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