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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor  Abt 1649Norfolk, Virginia, USA I17878
2 Jean Harvey  Abt 1607Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22647
3 Sarah Jane  Abt 1642Norfolk, Virginia, USA I21081
4 Averett, Mark William   I5101
5 Ballance, Richard  Abt 1690Norfolk, Virginia, USA I24910
6 Bateman, Roy Bristol Jr.  4 Jan 1921Norfolk, Virginia, USA I12273
7 Batton, Sarah  Abt 1620Norfolk, Virginia, USA I23589
8 Beard, Ruth  Abt 1649Norfolk, Virginia, USA I20195
9 Biggs, Johannah  Abt 1648Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22124
10 Bonney, Richard  Abt 1640Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22386
11 Briggs, Charles Blassingham  1908Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22620
12 Bright, John  Abt 1680Norfolk, Virginia, USA I17875
13 Brough, Mary  Abt 1688Norfolk, Virginia, USA I28588
14 Brown, Edward Lemuel  Dec 1844Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22037
15 Capp, Elydia Frances  Mar 1846Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22038
16 Caswell, Matthew II  Abt 1690Norfolk, Virginia, USA I27878
17 Chappell, Harold Randal  Abt 1926Norfolk, Virginia, USA I29171
18 Clark, Grace  1689Norfolk, Virginia, USA I31264
19 Culpeper, Henry  Abt 1633Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22642
20 Culpepper, Joseph  Abt 1696Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22638
21 Culpepper, Robert  Abt 1664Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22640
22 Cuthrell, Raymond Edward  19 Jan 1932Norfolk, Virginia, USA I9958
23 Dale, Lillian   I3583
24 Dale, Stephen   I3578
25 Davis, Martha Elizabeth  7 Jul 1854Norfolk, Virginia, USA I14331
26 Early, Lillian Mae  7 Sep 1905Norfolk, Virginia, USA I13151
27 Early, William Johnnie Raymond  22 Oct 1912Norfolk, Virginia, USA I24550
28 Etheridge, William  Abt 1687Norfolk, Virginia, USA I13615
29 Greene, Elizabeth  Abt 1640Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22643
30 Grimes, James Leake  22 Feb 1798Norfolk, Virginia, USA I7695
31 Grimes, Mary Alice  22 Dec 1873Norfolk, Virginia, USA I20373
32 Halstead, Ann  Abt 1658Norfolk, Virginia, USA I41066
33 Halstead, Drew  Abt 1692Norfolk, Virginia, USA I40771
34 Halstead, John  Abt 1712Norfolk, Virginia, USA I41043
35 Halstead, Simon  Abt 1656Norfolk, Virginia, USA I40775
36 Halstead, Simon  Abt 1686Norfolk, Virginia, USA I41063
37 Hill, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Norfolk, Virginia, USA I17876
38 Hollie, Jessica Marie   I43024
39 Hollowell, John  Abt 1720Norfolk, Virginia, USA I19359
40 Hollowell, Luke  Abt 1692Norfolk, Virginia, USA I16131
41 Hunter, Ica Janet   I17651
42 Ivey, John  1677Norfolk, Virginia, USA I43896
43 Julian, Sarah  Abt 1602Norfolk, Virginia, USA I21079
44 Kortge, Evelyn Marie   I22617
45 Mann, Virginia Mae  14 Mar 1914Norfolk, Virginia, USA I27956
46 Mary  Abt 1625Norfolk, Virginia, USA I12837
47 Mason, Frances  Abt 1623Norfolk, Virginia, USA I20584
48 McPherson, Andrew  Abt 1719Norfolk, Virginia, USA I12358
49 McPherson, Daniel  Bef 1664Norfolk, Virginia, USA I12361
50 McPherson, Daniel  Abt 1690Norfolk, Virginia, USA I12360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eleanor  1719Norfolk, Virginia, USA I17878
2 Jean Harvey  1694Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22647
3 Sarah Jane  1660Norfolk, Virginia, USA I21081
4 Virginia  1 Jan 1899Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22044
5 Austin, John Lotson  1901Norfolk, Virginia, USA I19787
6 Ballance, Richard Sr.  1736Norfolk, Virginia, USA I24912
7 Basnight, James Whidby  1961Norfolk, Virginia, USA I16673
8 Basse, William Josiah  13 Aug 1741Norfolk, Virginia, USA I23588
9 Bateman, Affie E.  1933Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22096
10 Bateman, George Washington  17 Jun 1925Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22099
11 Bateman, Steve John Jr.  3 Dec 1982Norfolk, Virginia, USA I18284
12 Biggs, Johannah  Abt 1693Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22124
13 Biggs, John  1695Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22127
14 Briggs, Albert Henry  Abt 24 Dec 1915Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22679
15 Bright, John  1688Norfolk, Virginia, USA I17877
16 Brough, Mary  1721Norfolk, Virginia, USA I28588
17 Brown, Edward  30 Oct 1878Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22043
18 Brown, Edward Lemuel  1 Aug 1906Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22037
19 Burch, Gerald E.  Jul 1992Norfolk, Virginia, USA I15797
20 Capp, Elydia Frances  20 Jun 1932Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22038
21 Carter, Mary  1666Norfolk, Virginia, USA I40279
22 Cartwright, Parker Sherlock  19 Jan 2004Norfolk, Virginia, USA I27359
23 Clark, Grace  1711Norfolk, Virginia, USA I31264
24 Clements, Ellen  15 Nov 1654Norfolk, Virginia, USA I12835
25 Cooper, Sarah Frances  28 Aug 1963Norfolk, Virginia, USA I13741
26 Cullipher, James Lloyd Jr.  17 Sep 1980Norfolk, Virginia, USA I11856
27 Cullipher, Johnny Ray  29 Aug 2001Norfolk, Virginia, USA I11859
28 Culpeper, Henry  1675Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22642
29 Culpepper, Robert  1743Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22640
30 Dafnell, William  1686Norfolk, Virginia, USA I9371
31 Davis, Martha A.  22 Jul 1925Norfolk, Virginia, USA I13695
32 Davis, Sarah Elizabeth  18 Apr 1932Norfolk, Virginia, USA I16577
33 Dean, Eliud Lloyd  6 Dec 1939Norfolk, Virginia, USA I40754
34 Dozier, Maude Mae  20 Mar 1989Norfolk, Virginia, USA I25675
35 Drew, Lucian Fred Jr.  25 Oct 2012Norfolk, Virginia, USA I25287
36 Durant, Preston Clyde Sr.  17 Jun 1961Norfolk, Virginia, USA I25652
37 Early, William Johnnie Raymond  14 Aug 1913Norfolk, Virginia, USA I24550
38 Etheridge, William  Abt 1739Norfolk, Virginia, USA I13615
39 Faulk, Sarah  1717Norfolk, Virginia, USA I16134
40 Felton, George Washington  13 May 1930Norfolk, Virginia, USA I18130
41 Fletcher, Blucher E. Sr.  8 Sep 1930Norfolk, Virginia, USA I19152
42 Frias, William Derwood  Aug 1966Norfolk, Virginia, USA I16902
43 Gaither, John  20 Nov 1652Norfolk, Virginia, USA I20390
44 Gayney, Alice  17 Nov 1653Norfolk, Virginia, USA I24493
45 Gayney, Alice  17 Nov 1653Norfolk, Virginia, USA I32828
46 Greene, Elizabeth  1676Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22643
47 Greene, Thomas  1691Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22646
48 Griffin, Edwin E.  16 May 1918Norfolk, Virginia, USA I22033
49 Grimes, Mary Alice  9 Jul 1939Norfolk, Virginia, USA I20373
50 Halstead, Drew  1771Norfolk, Virginia, USA I40771

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashworth / Marcella   F11596
2 Bateman / Temple  15 Jul 1939Norfolk, Virginia, USA F8490
3 Briggs / Wright  Abt 1884Norfolk, Virginia, USA F10590
4 Hogan / Sawyer   F11867
5 Hollowell / Faulk  Abt 1680Norfolk, Virginia, USA F7725
6 House / Marcella   F11598
7 Pendleton / McIvor  9 Dec 1952Norfolk, Virginia, USA F13384
8 Purcell / Fuller   F11898
9 Reynolds / Clark  1705Norfolk, Virginia, USA F14747
10 Sheldon / Smith  14 Jul 1948Norfolk, Virginia, USA F13477
11 Whitehurst / Nicholas  Abt 1670Norfolk, Virginia, USA F6353

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