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Essex, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.9671684, Longitude: -76.9643060


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, William  Abt 1677Essex, Virginia, USA I28239
2 Ayers, Mary Elizabeth  1720Essex, Virginia, USA I30087
3 Bartlett, William  1 Mar 1696Essex, Virginia, USA I30252
4 Boulware, John  Abt 1678Essex, Virginia, USA I42594
5 Boulware, Susannah  Abt 1720Essex, Virginia, USA I42591
6 Bradley, William  Abt 1690Essex, Virginia, USA I30592
7 Brooks, Elizabeth  Abt 1662Essex, Virginia, USA I21083
8 Craig, Taliaferro  Abt 1704Essex, Virginia, USA I42710
9 Dudley, Dorothy  Abt 1695Essex, Virginia, USA I41639
10 Faulkner, John  Abt 1730Essex, Virginia, USA I42702
11 Foster, Anthony  Abt 1699Essex, Virginia, USA I41636
12 Foster, Thomas  Abt 1725Essex, Virginia, USA I41634
13 Gatewood, Henry  Abt 1690Essex, Virginia, USA I41638
14 Gatewood, John  Abt 1635Essex, Virginia, USA I23101
15 Goode, Florinda  Abt 1668Essex, Virginia, USA I25079
16 Harner, Sarah  Abt 1640Essex, Virginia, USA I24738
17 Howard, Benjamin  Abt 1718Essex, Virginia, USA I41372
18 Hudson, Margaret  Abt 1658Essex, Virginia, USA I21040
19 Hunt, Ann  Abt 1725Essex, Virginia, USA I41371
20 Jones, Frances Ann  Abt 1680Essex, Virginia, USA I21034
21 Mayfield, Jane M.  Abt 1665Essex, Virginia, USA I24734
22 Meador, Ambrose C.  Abt 1732Essex, Virginia, USA I42500
23 Meador, Thomas  Abt 1675Essex, Virginia, USA I42502
24 Meadows, John Sr.  Abt 1658Essex, Virginia, USA I42506
25 Miller, Mary  Abt 1710Essex, Virginia, USA I42608
26 Mills, John  1615Essex, Virginia, USA I35750
27 Moseley, Martha  Abt 1680Essex, Virginia, USA I38601
28 Nee, Margaret  Abt 1608Essex, Virginia, USA I21044
29 Newton, Sarah Sebalah  Abt 1700Essex, Virginia, USA I42709
30 Rutherford, Reuben  Abt 1705Essex, Virginia, USA I41370
31 Rutherford, Reuben  Abt 1748Essex, Virginia, USA I41366
32 Seawood, Nicholas  Abt 1720Essex, Virginia, USA I43204
33 Shipp, Josiah  Abt 1664Essex, Virginia, USA I21082
34 Shipp, Thomas  Abt 1690Essex, Virginia, USA I21084
35 Slaughter, Francis  Abt 1653Essex, Virginia, USA I21039
36 Slaughter, Francis  Abt 1701Essex, Virginia, USA I21029
37 Slaughter, John  Abt 1710Essex, Virginia, USA I21723
38 Slaughter, Robert S.  Abt 1680Essex, Virginia, USA I21033
39 St. John, William  Abt 1670Essex, Virginia, USA I23093
40 Thomas, Edward  Abt 1643Essex, Virginia, USA I42596
41 Thomas, William  Abt 1683Essex, Virginia, USA I42592
42 Thomas, William A.  Abt 1716Essex, Virginia, USA I42590
43 Thorpe, Thomas  Abt 1695Essex, Virginia, USA I25075
44 Thorpe, Thomas  Abt 1716Essex, Virginia, USA I25073
45 Underwood, Elizabeth  Abt 1632Essex, Virginia, USA I21042
46 Vawter, Margaret  Abt 1644Essex, Virginia, USA I41377
47 Waggoner, Margaret  Abt 1680Essex, Virginia, USA I28240
48 White, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1659Essex, Virginia, USA I42507
49 Williams, Susannah  Abt 1680Essex, Virginia, USA I42595
50 Wood, Elizabeth  Abt 1678Essex, Virginia, USA I42503

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1704Essex, Virginia, USA I24620
2 Bentley, Patience  25 Mar 1713Essex, Virginia, USA I30435
3 Booker, James  3 May 1790Essex, Virginia, USA I42716
4 Boulware, John  1714Essex, Virginia, USA I42594
5 Brooks, Elizabeth  1699Essex, Virginia, USA I21083
6 Burnett, John  1 May 1718Essex, Virginia, USA I23095
7 Coleman, Thomas  13 Aug 1705Essex, Virginia, USA I19486
8 Cook, William  19 Nov 1750Essex, Virginia, USA I42690
9 Faulconer, Nicholas  1743Essex, Virginia, USA I42708
10 Gatewood, John  14 Nov 1706Essex, Virginia, USA I23101
11 Goode, Florinda  1717Essex, Virginia, USA I25079
12 Goode, Richard  1719Essex, Virginia, USA I25082
13 Griffin, Ann  1765Essex, Virginia, USA I42691
14 Harner, Sarah  Jan 1728Essex, Virginia, USA I24738
15 Hayworton, Mary  16 Jan 1728Essex, Virginia, USA I23098
16 Hudson, Margaret  Jul 1711Essex, Virginia, USA I21040
17 Hunt, Ann  1795Essex, Virginia, USA I41371
18 Johnston, Lucretia  Oct 1709Essex, Virginia, USA I23100
19 Mayfield, Owen Robert  3 Dec 1714Essex, Virginia, USA I24737
20 Meador, Thomas  31 Jul 1758Essex, Virginia, USA I42502
21 Meadows, John Sr.  21 Nov 1721Essex, Virginia, USA I42506
22 Mills Younger, Rebecca  18 Jul 1727Essex, Virginia, USA I35747
23 Nee, Margaret  8 Mar 1655Essex, Virginia, USA I21044
24 Newton, Sarah Sebalah  18 Oct 1743Essex, Virginia, USA I42709
25 Parker, Sarah  1705Essex, Virginia, USA I25083
26 Payne, Thomas  20 Apr 1761Essex, Virginia, USA I36314
27 Reeser, Elizabeth  1716Essex, Virginia, USA I42593
28 Rutherford, Robert  21 Aug 1728Essex, Virginia, USA I41376
29 Rutherford, Robert L.  15 Mar 1724Essex, Virginia, USA I41374
30 Shipp, Josiah  24 Jan 1705Essex, Virginia, USA I21082
31 Slaughter, Francis  Essex, Virginia, USA I21041
32 Slaughter, John  1630Essex, Virginia, USA I21043
33 Slaughter, Robert S.  2 Feb 1725Essex, Virginia, USA I21033
34 St. John, Thomas  1698Essex, Virginia, USA I23097
35 St. John, William  1721Essex, Virginia, USA I23093
36 Sykes, Alice  Essex, Virginia, USA I25081
37 Thomas, Edward  23 May 1699Essex, Virginia, USA I42596
38 Thorpe, Thomas  16 May 1704Essex, Virginia, USA I25078
39 Thorpe, Thomas  1764Essex, Virginia, USA I25075
40 Thorpe, Thomas  1768Essex, Virginia, USA I25073
41 Underwood, Elizabeth  7 May 1673Essex, Virginia, USA I21042
42 Vawter, Margaret  1735Essex, Virginia, USA I41377
43 White, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1694Essex, Virginia, USA I42507
44 Williams, Susannah  5 Apr 1714Essex, Virginia, USA I42595
45 Wood, Elizabeth  Essex, Virginia, USA I42503
46 Younger, Alexander  18 Jul 1727Essex, Virginia, USA I38569


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Younger / Mills Younger  1699Essex, Virginia, USA F16530

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