Elizabeth Slaughter And Her Three Daughters

Elizabeth Slaughter was the youngest daughter of Isaac Slaughter and Charlotte “Lottie” Scrugg. She was born about 1817 in Granville Co., NC and had three daughters (Amanda, Mary, and Elizabeth) while she was single. She married William S. Ascue at the age of 40, after all her children were born. William soon died in the Civil War (1863). Previous genealogies have been incorrect in almost all the particulars.

The father of Elizabeth’s children has been unknown up to now, but many people have listed William S. Ascue as the father. William was certainly too young to have been the father of Elizabeth’s first daughter, Amanda. Elizabeth’s daughter Mary’s death certificate states that Mary’s father is unknown. Her daughter Elizabeth’s death certificate states that Elizabeth’s father is John Duncan. The only possibility, based on age and location, is John Duncan, Jr., son of John Duncan and Elizabeth Hayes. Without further evidence, I am accepting John Duncan, Jr. as the father of Elizabeth’s three children.

1850 Census of Granville Co., NC, showing Elizabeth with daughters, Amanda and Elizabeth. Daughter Mary is just above in the household of Elizabeth’s brother, Solomon G. Slaughter.

1 — Amanda Slaughter was born about 1838 and died between 1860 and 1870. She was listed with her mother in the 1850 Census of Granville Co., NC and with Sterling H. Duncan, as his servant, in the 1860 Census of Granville Co., NC.

Here is Amanda Slaughter in the 1860 Census of Granville Co., NC.

2 — Mary Payton Slaughter was born May 10, 1845 and died 2-22-1929. She was married to Stephen Martin Slaughter, son of Martin Slaughter and Martha Duncan.

Here is Mary Slaughter in the 1860 Census of Person Co., NC, living with her mother’s brother, Jacob L. Slaughter.

Mary was not with her mother in the 1850 Census, but was with Elizabeth Slaughter’s brother, Solomon Green Slaughter. In the 1860 Census, Mary was with another brother of Elizabeth, Jacob Lee Slaughter. She was back with her mother in the 1870 Census. Her death certificate states that her father was unknown. The informant on that certificate was Mary’s son, George Washington “Bud” Slaughter.

Mary P. Slaughter’s death certificate.

3 — Elizabeth Hamilton Slaughter was born October 15, 1846 and died March 6, 1919. She was married to William Samuel “Billy” Ragan, Jr., son of William Samuel Ragan and Nancy Slaughter. Both her birth date and death date are incorrect on her tombstone. It says she was born October 15, 1842 and died February 12, 1919. She was three years old in the 1850 Census and was 72 years old on her death certificate. The death certificate says she died March 6, 1919 and was buried March 7, 1919.

Elizabeth and her two younger daughters in the 1870 Census of Granville Co., NC, living with Charles Slaughter (unidentified).

Elizabeth is in the 1850 Census and 1870 Census with her mother. Her death certificate states that her father was John Duncan. Her husband, Billy, was the informant. The only John Duncan in the area who could have been the father was John Duncan, Jr., son of John Duncan and Elizabeth Hayes.

Elizabeth Ragan’s death certificate.

In summary — The third daughter, Elizabeth, is John’s child according to her death certificate. The second daughter, Mary, was born just a year before, and would probably have the same father. The first daughter, Amanda, was living with John’s brother, Sterling, in 1860, so that’s another connection to John Duncan, Jr. Therefore, Elizabeth Slaughter most likely had three daughters with her cousin, John Duncan, Jr.