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North Carolina, USA



Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Young, Fred  Abt 1900North Carolina, USA I6814
2 Young, Brenda Louise   I7328
3 Younce, Hannah  Abt 1838North Carolina, USA I39637
4 Yarbrough, William Justin  North Carolina, USA I8378
5 Yarbrough, Tracy Lynn   I7352
6 Yarbrough, Ronald Wade   I7353
7 Yarbrough, Barry Kevin Jr.   I7355
8 Yarborough, James Madison  Abt 1798North Carolina, USA I9259
9 Yarboro, Fannie  30 Mar 1904North Carolina, USA I5667
10 Wynn, Robert Emmett  21 Dec 1891North Carolina, USA I13302
11 Wynn, Fred Cleveland  22 Apr 1878North Carolina, USA I7009
12 Wynn, Betty Ellen   I8522
13 Wright, Malachi G.  Mar 1865North Carolina, USA I14057
14 Wright, Joseph D.  Abt 1850North Carolina, USA I24769
15 Worthington, Robert  Abt 1810North Carolina, USA I10083
16 Worthington, Mary  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I29609
17 Worthington, Elizabeth  Abt 1843North Carolina, USA I10082
18 Wooten, Martha Jane  Jan 1856North Carolina, USA I6652
19 Wooten, James  Abt 1827North Carolina, USA I28646
20 Woodlief, William Irvin  18 Feb 1902North Carolina, USA I4792
21 Woodlief, Waverly M.   I4864
22 Woodley, Pauline  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA I20506
23 Woodall, Martha  Abt 1815North Carolina, USA I23115
24 Wood, Sally  Abt 1791North Carolina, USA I7023
25 Wood, Nancy  Abt 1783North Carolina, USA I40953
26 Wood, Margaret  Abt 1775North Carolina, USA I14799
27 Wood, Laura  28 Apr 1896North Carolina, USA I27044
28 Wood, Isaiah  Abt 1800North Carolina, USA I9097
29 Wood, Isaac  Abt 1755North Carolina, USA I16440
30 Womack, Ann Elizabeth   I6220
31 Witherington, Winnifred  Abt 1803North Carolina, USA I9101
32 Witherington, Silas  Abt 1800North Carolina, USA I10149
33 Witherington, Melvina  Abt 1827North Carolina, USA I10148
34 Witherington, George Mack  23 Nov 1863North Carolina, USA I1505
35 Winstead, Janette   I3113
36 Winslow, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Aug 1851North Carolina, USA I15598
37 Winslow, Mary  Abt 1808North Carolina, USA I18405
38 Winslow, Martha Emma  6 Oct 1888North Carolina, USA I15481
39 Winslow, Margaret Catherine  27 Jan 1848North Carolina, USA I18262
40 Winslow, Margaret  15 Jul 1901North Carolina, USA I24560
41 Winslow, Isabella Anna  15 Nov 1865North Carolina, USA I15948
42 Winslow, Hannah  Abt 1727North Carolina, USA I15529
43 Winslow, Esther  Abt 1731North Carolina, USA I15521
44 Winslow, Bessie Clarine  5 Nov 1907North Carolina, USA I15313
45 Winfred, Hardy  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I28691
46 Wilson, William T.  Abt 1802North Carolina, USA I4695
47 Wilson, William  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I20142
48 Wilson, Thomas James  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I18670
49 Wilson, Sherwood  Abt 1796North Carolina, USA I27350
50 Wilson, Sarah Jane  27 Sep 1822North Carolina, USA I6822

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Yeomans, Elizabeth  1770North Carolina, USA I24922
2 Yarbrough, Annie Jane  1896North Carolina, USA I2890
3 Yarborough, Margaret  10 Jun 1899North Carolina, USA I9261
4 Wright, John Cader  North Carolina, USA I17383
5 Worthington, Elizabeth  1919North Carolina, USA I10082
6 Woods, Martha  North Carolina, USA I39188
7 Woodlief, Braudie P.  28 Aug 1968North Carolina, USA I4786
8 Wood, Mary  7 Dec 1892North Carolina, USA I14646
9 Witherington, George Mack  6 Jun 1953North Carolina, USA I1505
10 Winslow, Sarah Elizabeth  22 Feb 1884North Carolina, USA I15598
11 Winslow, Isabella Anna  18 Jan 1916North Carolina, USA I15948
12 Winslow, Exum Bell  27 Apr 1890North Carolina, USA I14855
13 Winslow, Esther  Bef 1780North Carolina, USA I15521
14 Winslow, Eli Wilson  20 Jan 1935North Carolina, USA I15314
15 Winslow, Charles J.  3 Mar 1889North Carolina, USA I15482
16 Winslow, Ann  15 Apr 1830North Carolina, USA I15109
17 Wilson, Sarah  1797North Carolina, USA I20017
18 Wilson, Harriet Williams  14 Jan 1857North Carolina, USA I17970
19 Wilson, Harold Ray  1972North Carolina, USA I3681
20 Wilson, Benjamin Franklin  Aft 1883North Carolina, USA I4693
21 Williams, William  Abt 1726North Carolina, USA I14359
22 Williams, William  North Carolina, USA I17696
23 Williams, Louisiana  20 Oct 2001North Carolina, USA I13778
24 Williams, Emma Cordelia  4 Aug 1904North Carolina, USA I9489
25 Williams, Elijah  North Carolina, USA I17127
26 Willetts, William  Between 1870 and 1880North Carolina, USA I23406
27 Wilkerson, Elizabeth  1875North Carolina, USA I39554
28 Wilder, Henry Clayton  1870North Carolina, USA I19040
29 Wilcox, Mary Louise  Jul 1855North Carolina, USA I13036
30 Whittey, Ann  Aft 1975North Carolina, USA I7238
31 Whitlow, Jane  North Carolina, USA I3138
32 Whiteman, Margaret  North Carolina, USA I17035
33 Whitehurst, Louvenia  16 Jul 1858North Carolina, USA I19350
34 Whitehurst, James  North Carolina, USA I15731
35 Whitehurst, Anthony  1833North Carolina, USA I14781
36 Whitehead, Laura Etta  19 May 1942North Carolina, USA I15923
37 White, Watson Timothy  1919North Carolina, USA I4716
38 White, Watson Bryan  Apr 1967North Carolina, USA I4719
39 White, Walter  North Carolina, USA I17044
40 White, Thomas  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I29150
41 White, Sallie  Feb 1854North Carolina, USA I15299
42 White, Richard Willis  14 Oct 1904North Carolina, USA I28854
43 White, Reuben McKinley  29 May 1948North Carolina, USA I39517
44 White, Preston  North Carolina, USA I16999
45 White, Mary F.  North Carolina, USA I16997
46 White, Mary Anderson  North Carolina, USA I16859
47 White, Major B.  North Carolina, USA I14700
48 White, Lydia  30 Aug 1847North Carolina, USA I16482
49 White, Lemuel  North Carolina, USA I17041
50 White, Julia Catherine  23 Jun 1876North Carolina, USA I29285

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wilson, Curby Smith  9 Jan 1883North Carolina, USA I3650
2 Wilkins, George Thomas Jr.   I17047
3 White, Jane C.  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I38331
4 Tuttle, Mark  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I14320
5 Tingen, Martha Mutery  8 Mar 1824North Carolina, USA I2235
6 Taylor, Minerva Jane  24 May 1820North Carolina, USA I21605
7 Taylor, Andrew Jackson  5 Oct 1841North Carolina, USA I37695
8 Summerell, Stewart  Abt 1788North Carolina, USA I557
9 Summerell, Barnes Staton  27 Apr 1815North Carolina, USA I3816
10 Straley, Martha Caldonia  Abt 1836North Carolina, USA I37582
11 Smith, Nancy  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I413
12 Slaughter, John  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I6877
13 Slaughter, Amos Glover  6 Apr 1839North Carolina, USA I779
14 Sawyer, Katie  Abt 1805North Carolina, USA I14817
15 Sample, Solomon Hassell  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I17744
16 Prescott, William F.  Abt 1847North Carolina, USA I3732
17 Prescott, Mary Ann  1841North Carolina, USA I2270
18 Prescott, Alfred B.  Abt 1839North Carolina, USA I3730
19 Physioc, Rebecca  Abt 1730North Carolina, USA I8552
20 Pettit, Harriett Permelia  1830North Carolina, USA I36374
21 Pettit, Harriett Permelia  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I36374
22 Pettit, Harriett Permelia  1830North Carolina, USA I36374
23 Ownbey, Roy G.  29 Nov 1904North Carolina, USA I36167
24 Moore, Virgil Wilson  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA I35887
25 Moore, Abner Senter II  20 Jul 1801North Carolina, USA I35830
26 Jones, Wiley  Abt 1832North Carolina, USA I2171
27 Jones, Thomas A  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I34222
28 Jones, Solomon  1777North Carolina, USA I34209
29 Jones, Jesse J.  1769North Carolina, USA I34010
30 Jane  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I4933
31 Gill, Amanda Palmer  26 Mar 1861North Carolina, USA I6929
32 Edwards, Alton  1910North Carolina, USA I14267
33 Dunham, Elizabeth  1742North Carolina, USA I32184
34 Buck, Nancy  1780North Carolina, USA I480
35 Albritton, Matthew  1774North Carolina, USA I29932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Slaughter, Jacob Lee  North Carolina, USA I885
2 Jones, Austin P  1881North Carolina, USA I33825


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Moore, John Parker I  Between 1812 and 1814North Carolina, USA I35862


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Yasmine / Pope   F3631
2 Yarboro / Buchanan  18 Feb 1882North Carolina, USA F4702
3 Woodlief / Brooks  Abt 1912North Carolina, USA F3126
4 Wood / J  Abt 1911North Carolina, USA F4684
5 Wingard /    F8729
6 Wilson / Oliver  Bef 1992North Carolina, USA F2655
7 Wilson / Jones  1865North Carolina, USA F2671
8 Wilson / Jones  27 Sep 1824North Carolina, USA F3083
9 Wilson / Buck   F2672
10 Williams / Johnson  Bef 1929North Carolina, USA F17558
11 White / McCoy   F8419
12 White / Irenah  Abt 1843North Carolina, USA F4237
13 White / Hughes  1923North Carolina, USA F6941
14 White / Fitzjohn   F13337
15 Wetherington / White   F13497
16 Weston / Futrell  28 Sep 1846North Carolina, USA F7695
17 Tuttle / Jones  Abt 1866North Carolina, USA F7008
18 Tripp /   Abt 1825North Carolina, USA F4840
19 Temekin / Wester   F3994
20 Sutton / Mitchell  Abt 1889North Carolina, USA F5360
21 Sumrell / Harris  Abt 1916North Carolina, USA F4957
22 Sumrell / Harper  1815North Carolina, USA F5006
23 Summerell / Worthington  Dec 1873North Carolina, USA F4942
24 Summerell / Jones  Abt 1876North Carolina, USA F4944
25 Summerell / Harrington  Abt 1850North Carolina, USA F2760
26 Summerell / Allen  Abt 1863North Carolina, USA F4945
27 Summerell /   Abt 1811North Carolina, USA F390
28 Street / A  Abt 1878North Carolina, USA F6328
29 Stevenson / Smith  Abt 1924North Carolina, USA F5625
30 Spainhour / Wright   F8806
31 Smith / D  Abt 1897North Carolina, USA F4825
32 Smith /   Abt 1827North Carolina, USA F348
33 Slaughter / Whittey  Aft 1943North Carolina, USA F3839
34 Slaughter / Smith  Abt 1923North Carolina, USA F4824
35 Slaughter / Hill  Abt 1929North Carolina, USA F3957
36 Slaughter / Crawford  Abt 1942North Carolina, USA F3958
37 Shue / Howard  Aft 1930North Carolina, USA F5021
38 Scott /   Abt 1815North Carolina, USA F3020
39 Sawyer / Smith  Abt 1875North Carolina, USA F7128
40 Sawyer / Holmes  Abt 1918North Carolina, USA F8396
41 Sawyer / Elizabeth  Abt 1836North Carolina, USA F7916
42 Sawyer / Davis  Abt 1828North Carolina, USA F6538
43 Sawyer /   Abt 1840North Carolina, USA F6732
44 Sanders / Hidalgo   F6129
45 Sadler / Woodlief  Abt 1949North Carolina, USA F3133
46 Russell / Slaughter  Abt 1902North Carolina, USA F3323
47 Roy / Carter   F3996
48 Rouse / Riggs  Abt 1944North Carolina, USA F2720
49 Rouse / Hardison   F2736
50 Rouse / Collins  Abt 1913North Carolina, USA F2738

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