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North Carolina, USA



Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, John L.  North Carolina, USA I15772
2 Baker, Tommy  North Carolina, USA I8779
3 Caroline  North Carolina, USA I7265
4 Cartwright, Permelia  North Carolina, USA I14657
5 Cox, Floyd James  North Carolina, USA I8655
6 Davenport, Marshall Dwight  North Carolina, USA I10522
7 Duncan, Isaac Thomas  North Carolina, USA I4010
8 Eastwood, ----  North Carolina, USA I6430
9 Elliott, James Robert  North Carolina, USA I20308
10 Enlowe, Carson Michael  North Carolina, USA I6591
11 Enlowe, Mason Howell  North Carolina, USA I6590
12 Enlowe, Matthew Perry  North Carolina, USA I6589
13 Goolsby, William Russell  North Carolina, USA I3799
14 Gregory, Alexa  7 JulNorth Carolina, USA I13413
15 Jones, ----  North Carolina, USA I6469
16 Jones, Unknown  North Carolina, USA I34234
17 Maier, Lianna  8 FebNorth Carolina, USA I10225
18 Martin, Adeline  North Carolina, USA I41198
19 Melton, Dale  North Carolina, USA I27468
20 Melton, Jennifer  North Carolina, USA I27469
21 Munden, Hannah  North Carolina, USA I15872
22 Noffsinger, Robert Edwin  North Carolina, USA I27363
23 Oakley, William Ridley  North Carolina, USA I7264
24 Paschal, Mary  North Carolina, USA I36288
25 Quay, Kevin  North Carolina, USA I25540
26 Redmon, Charles L.  North Carolina, USA I21283
27 Riggs, Walton  North Carolina, USA I15418
28 Slaughter, Bobby Gene  North Carolina, USA I4453
29 Smith, Gregory Allen  North Carolina, USA I29628
30 Smith, Kimberly Dawn  North Carolina, USA I29627
31 Smith, Sheila Jane  North Carolina, USA I29626
32 Stevenson, Nathan  North Carolina, USA I18673
33 Sutton, Hugh Ivey Jr.  North Carolina, USA I9955
34 Swindell, Clay  North Carolina, USA I11290
35 Wilson, Jessie Brayson  North Carolina, USA I10521
36 Yarbrough, William Justin  North Carolina, USA I8378
37 Gaskill, William  20 Jul 1630North Carolina, USA I21145
38 Welch, Rachel  Abt 1634North Carolina, USA I15536
39 Cartwright, Thomas  Abt 1650North Carolina, USA I11615
40 Holmes, John  Abt 1650North Carolina, USA I27215
41 Maggs, Sarah  Abt 1650North Carolina, USA I15613
42 Walker, Ann  Abt 1650North Carolina, USA I22136
43 Tulle, Benjamin  Abt 1653North Carolina, USA I23468
44 Charles, Elizabeth  Abt 1661North Carolina, USA I20828
45 Susanna  Abt 1663North Carolina, USA I29081
46 Jennings, John  Abt 1670North Carolina, USA I22973
47 Pritchard, Thomas  Abt 1670North Carolina, USA I24542
48 Hinton, John  Abt 1673North Carolina, USA I33513
49 Mary  Abt 1675North Carolina, USA I17756
50 Davis, Martha Ann  Abt 1679North Carolina, USA I25338

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I18078
2 Juliette  North Carolina, USA I16092
3 Lensey  North Carolina, USA I424
4 Rhoda  North Carolina, USA I18329
5 Virginia Dare  North Carolina, USA I18907
6 Allen, Henry J.  North Carolina, USA I27346
7 Ambrose, Jordan T.  North Carolina, USA I17242
8 Anderson, James  North Carolina, USA I13268
9 Armstrong, Benjamin F.  North Carolina, USA I14588
10 Askew, John L.  North Carolina, USA I15737
11 Basnight, Amanda E.  North Carolina, USA I18435
12 Beatrice  North Carolina, USA I16089
13 Benton, Miles Wright  North Carolina, USA I15967
14 Boyce, Emeline  North Carolina, USA I14983
15 Bradshaw, Edna Ellen  North Carolina, USA I9949
16 Brickhouse, Eliza Jane  North Carolina, USA I17149
17 Briggs, Margaret  North Carolina, USA I15389
18 Brite, Mary  North Carolina, USA I17697
19 Bryan, Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I11239
20 Butler, Sarah  North Carolina, USA I17004
21 Cahoon, Dorcas  North Carolina, USA I15303
22 Cahoon, Phebe Ann  North Carolina, USA I16094
23 Cahoon, Timothy  North Carolina, USA I16093
24 Cartwright, Dempsey  North Carolina, USA I23435
25 Cartwright, James Scott  North Carolina, USA I13287
26 Cartwright, Josiah  North Carolina, USA I18874
27 Cartwright, Sarah Ann  North Carolina, USA I17786
28 Chappell, Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I18869
29 Collins, John Charlie  North Carolina, USA I39526
30 Combs, John Hamilton  North Carolina, USA I17489
31 Combs, Mary  North Carolina, USA I17494
32 Creef, Henry Jordan  North Carolina, USA I15825
33 Daly, John  North Carolina, USA I20177
34 Daniels, Moncie L.  North Carolina, USA I17018
35 Davenport, Miriah  North Carolina, USA I16254
36 Davis, Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I17980
37 Davis, Jesse  North Carolina, USA I8832
38 Davis, William  North Carolina, USA I16334
39 Dawson, Bert Seamore  North Carolina, USA I18906
40 Dessie  North Carolina, USA I8600
41 Dillon, James  North Carolina, USA I18434
42 Duncan, James Thomas  North Carolina, USA I8188
43 Duncan, John G.  North Carolina, USA I19030
44 Durham, James B.  North Carolina, USA I11005
45 E, Mary  North Carolina, USA I15968
46 Edwards, Lydia  North Carolina, USA I12168
47 Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I17568
48 Etheridge, ----  North Carolina, USA I18069
49 Etheridge, Harrison  North Carolina, USA I16708
50 Evans, Elizabeth F.  North Carolina, USA I5008

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Physioc, Rebecca  Abt 1730North Carolina, USA I8552
2 Dunham, Elizabeth  1742North Carolina, USA I32184
3 Jones, Jesse J.  1769North Carolina, USA I34010
4 Albritton, Matthew  1774North Carolina, USA I29932
5 Jones, Solomon  1777North Carolina, USA I34209
6 Buck, Nancy  1780North Carolina, USA I480
7 Summerell, Stewart  Abt 1788North Carolina, USA I557
8 Moore, Abner Senter II  20 Jul 1801North Carolina, USA I35830
9 Sawyer, Katie  Abt 1805North Carolina, USA I14817
10 Summerell, Barnes Staton  27 Apr 1815North Carolina, USA I3816
11 White, Jane C.  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I38331
12 Taylor, Minerva Jane  24 May 1820North Carolina, USA I21605
13 Jane  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I4933
14 Sample, Solomon Hassell  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I17744
15 Tingen, Martha Mutery  8 Mar 1824North Carolina, USA I2235
16 Jones, Thomas A  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I34222
17 Pettit, Harriett Permelia  1830North Carolina, USA I36374
18 Pettit, Harriett Permelia  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I36374
19 Pettit, Harriett Permelia  1830North Carolina, USA I36374
20 Slaughter, John  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I6877
21 Jones, Wiley  Abt 1832North Carolina, USA I2171
22 Smith, Nancy  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I413
23 Straley, Martha Caldonia  Abt 1836North Carolina, USA I37582
24 Prescott, Alfred B.  Abt 1839North Carolina, USA I3730
25 Slaughter, Amos Glover  6 Apr 1839North Carolina, USA I779
26 Tuttle, Mark  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I14320
27 Prescott, Mary Ann  1841North Carolina, USA I2270
28 Taylor, Andrew Jackson  5 Oct 1841North Carolina, USA I37695
29 Prescott, William F.  Abt 1847North Carolina, USA I3732
30 Moore, Virgil Wilson  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA I35887
31 Gill, Amanda Palmer  26 Mar 1861North Carolina, USA I6929
32 Wilson, Curby Smith  9 Jan 1883North Carolina, USA I3650
33 Ownbey, Roy G.  29 Nov 1904North Carolina, USA I36167
34 Edwards, Alton  1910North Carolina, USA I14267
35 Wilkins, George Thomas Jr.   I17047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Slaughter, Jacob Lee  North Carolina, USA I885
2 Jones, Austin P  1881North Carolina, USA I33825


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Moore, John Parker I  Between 1812 and 1814North Carolina, USA I35862


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hatsell / Wallace  North Carolina, USA F17877
2 Rolfe / Poythress  1648North Carolina, USA F5123
3 Knox / Knox  1712North Carolina, USA F16153
4 Robinson / White  14 Feb 1737North Carolina, USA F7339
5 Jones / Hill  1755North Carolina, USA F15845
6 Payne / Ayers  Abt 1757North Carolina, USA F14105
7 Baker / Norfleet  Abt 1768North Carolina, USA F7642
8 Ownley / Penelope  Abt 1769North Carolina, USA F7715
9 Lowe / Allen  19 Jun 1771North Carolina, USA F7600
10 Grissom / Harrison  Abt 1778North Carolina, USA F5422
11 Hines / Bright  Abt 1779North Carolina, USA F14481
12 Overman / Trueblood  1782North Carolina, USA F7386
13 Hobbs / Sarah  1789North Carolina, USA F7312
14 Lowe / Munden  28 Feb 1790North Carolina, USA F7597
15 Boyce / Jemima  24 Apr 1791North Carolina, USA F7057
16 Humphrey / unknown  Abt 1800North Carolina, USA F4433
17 Elliott / Rosson  Bef 1807North Carolina, USA F15336
18 Owens / Crane  5 Feb 1807North Carolina, USA F7028
19 Summerell /   Abt 1811North Carolina, USA F390
20 Cochran / Pool  24 Jan 1811North Carolina, USA F14775
21 Langford / Bennett  2 Aug 1811North Carolina, USA F14330
22 Argo / Roe  Abt 1815North Carolina, USA F5017
23 Scott /   Abt 1815North Carolina, USA F3020
24 Sumrell / Harper  1815North Carolina, USA F5006
25 Overman / Ferebee  29 Oct 1818North Carolina, USA F7384
26 Duncan / Elizabeth  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA F2353
27 Lane / Cartwright  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA F6667
28 Moore / Cook  1823North Carolina, USA F14814
29 Wilson / Jones  27 Sep 1824North Carolina, USA F3083
30 Betts / Huldiah  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA F5591
31 Tripp /   Abt 1825North Carolina, USA F4840
32 Buck / Venters  Abt 1827North Carolina, USA F2144
33 Smith /   Abt 1827North Carolina, USA F348
34 Jones / Sawyer  Abt 1828North Carolina, USA F6885
35 Sawyer / Davis  Abt 1828North Carolina, USA F6538
36 Beaver /   Abt 1835North Carolina, USA F2125
37 Sawyer / Elizabeth  Abt 1836North Carolina, USA F7916
38 Jordan / Capps  1840North Carolina, USA F8661
39 Sawyer /   Abt 1840North Carolina, USA F6732
40 White / Irenah  Abt 1843North Carolina, USA F4237
41 Perry / White  Abt 1846North Carolina, USA F7846
42 Weston / Futrell  28 Sep 1846North Carolina, USA F7695
43 Aldridge / Clemey  Abt 1847North Carolina, USA F5364
44 Pritchard / Sawyer  11 Jul 1849North Carolina, USA F6835
45 Blanchard / Spivey  Bef 1850North Carolina, USA F7708
46 Humphrey / Stilley  Abt 1850North Carolina, USA F1559
47 Reid / Trueblood  1850North Carolina, USA F5572
48 Summerell / Harrington  Abt 1850North Carolina, USA F2760
49 Jennings / White  Abt 1852North Carolina, USA F7432
50 Jones / Turnage  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA F4940

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