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Charles, Maryland, USA



Latitude: 38.5221781, Longitude: -77.1024902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bridgett  Abt 1597Charles, Maryland, USA I14
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1686Charles, Maryland, USA I22939
3 Barron, Thomas  Abt 1700Charles, Maryland, USA I23934
4 Burford, Elizabeth  Abt 1669Charles, Maryland, USA I21306
5 Cooksey, Christian  9 Feb 1728Charles, Maryland, USA I469
6 Cooksey, Justinian  Abt 1698Charles, Maryland, USA I2073
7 Cooksey, Priscilla  Abt 1705Charles, Maryland, USA I23935
8 Cottrell, Hannah  Abt 1697Charles, Maryland, USA I58
9 Cottrell, James  Abt 1655Charles, Maryland, USA I21305
10 Cox, Margery  Abt 1760Charles, Maryland, USA I23927
11 Davis, Mary Ann  26 Mar 1740Charles, Maryland, USA I27161
12 Eilbeck, Ann  Jan 1734Charles, Maryland, USA I23931
13 Fowke, Mary  Abt 1675Charles, Maryland, USA I23943
14 Glover, Alice C.  Abt 1766Charles, Maryland, USA I2764
15 Glover, Mary  28 Dec 1719Charles, Maryland, USA I2731
16 Glover, Philip  Abt 1741Charles, Maryland, USA I2742
17 Gooch, Margaret Elizabeth  Abt 1685Charles, Maryland, USA I24686
18 Hill, William  Abt 1680Charles, Maryland, USA I33488
19 Kidwell, Elizabeth  Abt 1705Charles, Maryland, USA I38965
20 Kidwell, James  Abt 1675Charles, Maryland, USA I38980
21 Knott, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1658Charles, Maryland, USA I38985
22 Lawson, Elizabeth  Abt 1695Charles, Maryland, USA I2072
23 Luckett, Anne Price  Abt 1719Charles, Maryland, USA I34874
24 Mills, Nasby  Abt 1710Charles, Maryland, USA I18182
25 Musgrove, Martha  Abt 1736Charles, Maryland, USA I25372
26 Philpott, Barton  Abt 1738Charles, Maryland, USA I25371
27 Philpott, Benjamin  Abt 1715Charles, Maryland, USA I41926
28 Philpott, Charles  19 Feb 1693Charles, Maryland, USA I25373
29 Philpott, Charles  Abt 1731Charles, Maryland, USA I41930
30 Philpott, Edward  Abt 1660Charles, Maryland, USA I25
31 Philpott, Francis  Abt 1742Charles, Maryland, USA I41933
32 Philpott, Hethable  Abt 1744Charles, Maryland, USA I41934
33 Philpott, Johannades  Abt 1729Charles, Maryland, USA I41929
34 Philpott, John  13 Oct 1692Charles, Maryland, USA I47
35 Philpott, Samuel  Abt 1720Charles, Maryland, USA I41928
36 Philpott, Susanna  Abt 1735Charles, Maryland, USA I41931
37 Philpott, William  16 Aug 1740Charles, Maryland, USA I27160
38 Posey, Susanna  Abt 1670Charles, Maryland, USA I36
39 Reed, Sarah  Abt 1705Charles, Maryland, USA I2074
40 Reed, Thomas  Abt 1680Charles, Maryland, USA I8407
41 Scott, Charity  Abt 1788Charles, Maryland, USA I9824
42 Scott, Joanna  27 Jul 1783Charles, Maryland, USA I1438
43 Scott, John  Abt 1691Charles, Maryland, USA I2071
44 Scott, Thomas  14 Jan 1761Charles, Maryland, USA I1549
45 Scott, William  1727Charles, Maryland, USA I1659
46 Scott, William P.  Abt 1780Charles, Maryland, USA I9822
47 Smallwood, Ann  Abt 1700Charles, Maryland, USA I37306
48 Smoot, Elizabeth Barton  Abt 1695Charles, Maryland, USA I25374
49 Tennison, Katherine  Abt 1665Charles, Maryland, USA I8179
50 Wherry, Mary  Abt 1717Charles, Maryland, USA I18183


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bridgett  1680Charles, Maryland, USA I14
2 Barron, John  1719Charles, Maryland, USA I23938
3 Barron, Thomas  Mar 1757Charles, Maryland, USA I23934
4 Barron, Thomas  1805Charles, Maryland, USA I23932
5 Burford, Elizabeth  Abt 1707Charles, Maryland, USA I21306
6 Burford, Thomas  24 Mar 1685Charles, Maryland, USA I41946
7 Calvert, Elizabeth  1684Charles, Maryland, USA I31075
8 Calvert, William  10 Jan 1682Charles, Maryland, USA I31079
9 Cooksey, Christian  1792Charles, Maryland, USA I469
10 Cooksey, Priscilla  Charles, Maryland, USA I23935
11 Cooksey, Samuel  7 Feb 1719Charles, Maryland, USA I8929
12 Cottrell, Hannah  1774Charles, Maryland, USA I58
13 Cottrell, James  9 Mar 1722Charles, Maryland, USA I21305
14 Cottrell, Walter  1658Charles, Maryland, USA I21342
15 Graves, Verlinda  13 Jul 1675Charles, Maryland, USA I32953
16 Gresham, Katherine  1711Charles, Maryland, USA I8405
17 Hill, Robert Ellis  6 May 1697Charles, Maryland, USA I33467
18 Kidwell, James  11 Oct 1742Charles, Maryland, USA I38980
19 Lashley, Elizabeth L.  28 Nov 1674Charles, Maryland, USA I29309
20 Lawson, Elizabeth  1740Charles, Maryland, USA I2072
21 Luckett, Anne Price  1745Charles, Maryland, USA I34874
22 Neale, James  1727Charles, Maryland, USA I36023
23 Philpott, Charles  12 Nov 1753Charles, Maryland, USA I25373
24 Philpott, Edward  Abt 1678Charles, Maryland, USA I3
25 Philpott, Edward  9 Jun 1719Charles, Maryland, USA I25
26 Pope, Anne  14 May 1700Charles, Maryland, USA I41947
27 Pope, Francis  27 Jan 1670Charles, Maryland, USA I41950
28 Porter, Margaret  13 Nov 1667Charles, Maryland, USA I41951
29 Posey, Susanna  1707Charles, Maryland, USA I36
30 Reed, Thomas  4 Feb 1746Charles, Maryland, USA I8407
31 Scott, William  1786Charles, Maryland, USA I1659
32 Shaugh, Mary  Jul 1701Charles, Maryland, USA I37096
33 Smoot, Elizabeth Barton  1752Charles, Maryland, USA I25374
34 Stone, William Henry  21 Dec 1660Charles, Maryland, USA I37519
35 Tennison, Christian Mary  1759Charles, Maryland, USA I8930
36 Tennison, Justinian  29 Nov 1700Charles, Maryland, USA I8186
37 Thomas, AnnaMaria  9 Sep 1772Charles, Maryland, USA I38981
38 Thomas, John  Bef 22 Oct 1734Charles, Maryland, USA I38984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooksey, Christian  9 Feb 1728Charles, Maryland, USA I469
2 Cooksey, Justinian  1696Charles, Maryland, USA I2073
3 Scott, William  1727Charles, Maryland, USA I1659


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cooksey, Christian  1792Charles, Maryland, USA I469
2 Scott, William  1786Charles, Maryland, USA I1659


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooksey / Reed  1727Charles, Maryland, USA F432
2 Philpott / Smoot  5 Sep 1717Charles, Maryland, USA F11905
3 Scott / Ament  21 Mar 1814Charles, Maryland, USA F4889
4 Scott / Ament  Abt 1842Charles, Maryland, USA F4890

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