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Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Averette, James Luther  17 Jul 1895North Carolina, USA I3067
202 Averette, James Luther Jr.  27 Sep 1931North Carolina, USA I3072
203 Averette, James Thomas  Abt 1860North Carolina, USA I9553
204 Averette, Minnie Belle  11 Sep 1899North Carolina, USA I3037
205 Avery, Swannie Bell  Abt 1903North Carolina, USA I28944
206 Avery, Wiley Austin  18 Aug 1818North Carolina, USA I20179
207 Avey  Abt 1829North Carolina, USA I9657
208 Aycock, Amy Jane  Abt 1845North Carolina, USA I9519
209 Aydlett, Abner  Abt 1833North Carolina, USA I14658
210 B, Carrie  Abt 1883North Carolina, USA I11148
211 B, Chloe  Abt 1880North Carolina, USA I13697
212 B, Thelma   I14559
213 Bagley, Mattie Riddick  14 Aug 1889North Carolina, USA I26411
214 Bagley, Ruby   I11723
215 Bailey, Melvin Homer  29 Oct 1943North Carolina, USA I8068
216 Baker, Charlie Q.  29 Mar 1884North Carolina, USA I17438
217 Baker, Dillon James   I7738
218 Baker, Elizabeth  Abt 1805North Carolina, USA I15974
219 Baker, Evelyn Willard  7 Apr 1907North Carolina, USA I13272
220 Baker, Jeremiah Jackson  12 Mar 1825North Carolina, USA I22994
221 Baker, Jesse Hendron  Mar 1867North Carolina, USA I19165
222 Baker, John R.  Abt 1750North Carolina, USA I23008
223 Baker, Lewis   I7334
224 Baker, Marmaduke  Abt 1775North Carolina, USA I15975
225 Baker, Nova  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I11060
226 Baker, Sarah Elmira  21 May 1881North Carolina, USA I19967
227 Baker, Tommy  North Carolina, USA I8779
228 Baker, William Wilson  Abt 1795North Carolina, USA I14980
229 Ball, Mary  Abt 1812North Carolina, USA I20133
230 Ball, Sarah  1782North Carolina, USA I30144
231 Ball, Sarah E.  Dec 1839North Carolina, USA I39558
232 Ballance, Margaret  12 Aug 1797North Carolina, USA I24883
233 Ballance, Rodney Dale Sr.   I17392
234 Ballard, Mariah Constance  8 Feb 1890North Carolina, USA I39520
235 Banks, Lillie Mae  Abt 1900North Carolina, USA I4748
236 Banks, Wilson Edward  Abt 1859North Carolina, USA I42010
237 Barclift, Clate Ray  28 Dec 1894North Carolina, USA I19336
238 Barco, Bailey  Abt 1761North Carolina, USA I17397
239 Barco, Caleb  20 Jan 1807North Carolina, USA I17395
240 Barco, Sarah Madison   I17394
241 Barfield, Noah Bright  Abt 1814North Carolina, USA I6653
242 Barham, Perry  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I26687
243 Barker, Flora Bell  2 Sep 1885North Carolina, USA I28463
244 Barnard, unknown   I12339
245 Barnett, Bryant Dixon  Abt 1812North Carolina, USA I41472
246 Barnett, David G.  Abt 1818North Carolina, USA I7005
247 Barnett, Lewis Edgemond  Abt 1788North Carolina, USA I41476
248 Barnhill, Julius H.  Abt 1849North Carolina, USA I10018
249 Barrington, Annie Ferebee  Oct 1865North Carolina, USA I21274
250 Barrington, Warren  Feb 1856North Carolina, USA I9419

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
201 Davis, Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I17980
202 Davis, Fannie  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I13604
203 Davis, Jesse  North Carolina, USA I8832
204 Davis, Joshua  1809North Carolina, USA I14527
205 Davis, Lawson Wesley  Abt 1865North Carolina, USA I20153
206 Davis, Philip S. C.  1908North Carolina, USA I13535
207 Davis, Samuel  22 Apr 1715North Carolina, USA I17271
208 Davis, Sanford  4 Nov 1800North Carolina, USA I14796
209 Davis, William  North Carolina, USA I16334
210 Dawson, Bert Seamore  North Carolina, USA I18906
211 Dawson, Margaret  1744North Carolina, USA I19427
212 Dean, Martisha  22 Jan 1867North Carolina, USA I4875
213 DeBruhl, William B.  Bef 1930North Carolina, USA I11272
214 Dennum, Mary  1800North Carolina, USA I32014
215 Denton, Allen  Feb 1997North Carolina, USA I6509
216 Dessie  North Carolina, USA I8600
217 Dillon, James  North Carolina, USA I18434
218 Dixon, Henry Martin  4 Jun 1930North Carolina, USA I10065
219 Dixon, Margaret  1859North Carolina, USA I26988
220 Dixon, Mary  Aft 1941North Carolina, USA I11204
221 Dixon, Minnie Rebecca  12 Nov 1968North Carolina, USA I10064
222 Dixon, Robert Norman Jr.  8 Feb 1893North Carolina, USA I19537
223 Dixon, Tabitha Gill  11 Jul 1877North Carolina, USA I4048
224 Dorman, Benajah A.  1865North Carolina, USA I25186
225 Dozier, Elizabeth  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA I41014
226 Duckworth, Cynthia Ellen  1952North Carolina, USA I28457
227 Dugger, Amy Susannah  1802North Carolina, USA I19707
228 Duncan, James Thomas  North Carolina, USA I8188
229 Duncan, James Wallace  11 Aug 1926North Carolina, USA I4061
230 Duncan, James Wallace  2 Jun 1944North Carolina, USA I4066
231 Duncan, John Jr.  1884North Carolina, USA I4043
232 Duncan, John G.  North Carolina, USA I19030
233 Duncan, John S.  22 Feb 1946North Carolina, USA I4069
234 Duncan, Sidney Marsh  7 Jul 1887North Carolina, USA I8709
235 Duncan, William Anderson  27 Jan 1904North Carolina, USA I8550
236 Durant, Anne  1757North Carolina, USA I15442
237 Durant, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1791North Carolina, USA I11568
238 Durham, James B.  North Carolina, USA I11005
239 Duval, Samuel  1883North Carolina, USA I13193
240 E, Mary  North Carolina, USA I15968
241 Eason, Mary Elizabeth  Aft 1900North Carolina, USA I15382
242 Eason, Pauline  1918North Carolina, USA I29182
243 Eason, William  1850North Carolina, USA I15388
244 Eastwood, Evaline  1897North Carolina, USA I28874
245 Edwards, Lydia  North Carolina, USA I12168
246 Edwards, Robert Maynard  Bef 1956North Carolina, USA I19496
247 Edwards, William Robert  16 Dec 1944North Carolina, USA I21273
248 Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I17568
249 Elizabeth  1860North Carolina, USA I11012
250 Elizabeth  Aft 1952North Carolina, USA I7954

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