Royal Ancestry Through My Grandparents

On March 18, 2017, just over three years ago, I posted an article here titled “Jeremiah Evans Married Martha Borland?” I was able to show that the Martha Borland in Jeremiah Evans’ marriage record was actually Martha Bolling and that she was the daughter of John Bolling and Martha Mangum.

In this article, I will show my ancestry through Martha Bolling back to royalty through Edward Filmer and his wife, Elizabeth Argall. In addition, I will show another line of my ancestry which also leads back to Edward Filmer and Elizabeth Argall.

Here is a chart showing my two ancestral lines, going through my paternal grandparents, back to Edward Filmer and Elizabeth Argall.

Chart from Edward Filmer down to Michael Slaughter

My grandfather’s line goes back to Edward’s son, Major Henry Filmer. He is acknowledged by genealogists as a “gateway ancestor.” That means he has proven royal ancestry, that he was an immigrant from Europe to America, and that he has proven descendants. If you can prove descent from Major Henry Filmer, then you automatically have royal ancestry.

My grandmother’s line goes back to Edward’s daughter, Katherine Filmer, who married Robert Barham.

My parents were Clarence Bratcher Slaughter (b. 8-18-1924 d. 2-3-1986) and Virginia Dare Sumerell (b. 8-18-1929 d. 11-23-2009). My father’s parents were Charlie Bratcher Slaughter (b. 10-8-1886 d. 8-4-1978) and Bertha May Slaughter (b. 5-26-1905 d. 3-28-1966). These are the grandparents through whom I’m tracing my ancestry here.

I will start with my grandfather, Charlie Bratcher Slaughter. His father was Nuptial Blair (“N.B.” or “Tonch”) Slaughter (b. 4-1-1869 d. 4-14-1918). N.B.’s mother was Elizabeth P. Howard (b. 9-3-1818 d. 11-12-1897), who was married to Jacob Glover Slaughter (b. 3-21-1814 d. 4-25-1897). Elizabeth’s father was Thomas Howard (b.c. 1792 d. 12-18-1840).

Thomas Howard’s mother was Phebe Marshall (b. 4-20-1770 d. 8-31-1828), who was married to Allen Howard (b. 2-16-1753 d. 6-7-1835). Phebe’s mother was Rebecca Clay (b. 11-14-1752 d. 1805), who was married to John Marshall (b.c. 1750 d. 1803). Rebecca’s mother was Lucy Marston Green (b. 7-19-1717), who married Henry Clay (b. 1711 d.c. 1764), great-uncle of the more famous Henry Clay of politics (b. 4-12-1777 d. 6-29-1852).

Lucy Marston Green’s father was Thomas Green (b.c. 1665 d. 1730). Thomas’s mother was Martha Filmer (b.c. 1645 d. 3-8-1714), who married Thomas “The Seagull” Green (b. 1635 d.c. 1714). Martha’s father was Major Henry Filmer (b. 10-1607 d. 2-21-1671), who was a son of Edward Filmer and Elizabeth Argall.

Next is my grandmother, Bertha May Slaughter. Her father was Jacob Glover Slaughter (b. 3-14-1881 d. 7-1-1969), a different person from Elizabeth P. Howard’s husband. Jacob’s mother was Lucy A. Evans (b. 9-1-1844 d. 2-28-1916), who was married to Amos Glover Slaughter (b. d. ). Lucy was the daughter of Martha “Patsy” Bolling (b.c. 1810 d. 1853-1860), who married Jeremiah “Jerry” Evans (b.c. 1810 d. 1860-1870). Martha and Jeremiah were the subjects of previous articles.

Martha “Patsy” Bolling was the daughter of Arthur Mangum, Sr. (b. 5-22-1741 d. 3-24-1789). Arthur was the son of William Mangum (b.c. 1706 d. 12-29-1744). William was the son of Frances Silvester Bennett (b.c. 1676 d. 1737), who married John Mangum, Jr. Frances was the daughter of Richard Bennett (b.c. 1655 d. 3-30-1720).

Richard Bennett was the son of Anne Barham (b.c. 1625 d. 10-31-1722), who was married to Richard Bennett (b.c. 1620). Anne Barham was the daughter of Katherine Filmer (b.c. 1597 d. 12-3-1662), who was married to Robert Barham. Katherine was a daughter of Edward Filmer and Elizabeth Argall.

Here is a chart from Elizabeth Argall back to Richard FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel, and his wife, Alicia di Saluzzo. It also shows a line back to Edward I, King of England. The lesser known of these three people is Alicia di Saluzzo, who I will cover below.

Chart from Alicia di Saluzzo down to Elizabeth Argall

Alicia di Saluzzo was the daughter of Tommaso I and Luigia di Ceva. Tommaso’s line goes back to Hezekiah II, a Jewish exilarch who was executed around the year 1058. Hezekiah II was the 38th Exilarch of the third series of exilarchs since the Babylonian captivity.

Chart from Hezekiah II down to Alicia di Saluzzo

The ancestral line of Hezekiah II goes back to Bustanai ben Hananai, another Jewish exilarch, and his Persian wife, Izdundad.

Hezekiah II back to Bustanai ben Haninai and Izdundad

Bustanai ben Haninai died in 665. His ancestry goes back through a long line of exilarchs all the way to the Babylonian captivity and then back to King David.

Izdundad’s line goes through Persian kings back to Hormisdas II, Shah of Persia, who died in 309, and his wife, Ifra Hormiz. Ifra’s ancestry goes through the Kings of Kushans and the Kings of Bactria back to the emperors of India. The earliest I have is Chandragupta Maurya, who was Emperor of India from 321 BC to 297 BC.

Chandragupta down to Ifra Hormiz
Ifra Hormiz down to Izdundad

I hope to cover more of these ancestral lines in future articles.

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